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Anyone who aspires to become a good and competent wedding Finger Lakes Photographers has to acquaint themselves with some important tips and techniques of photography. The techniques will enable them to perform the task of photography more effectively and produce admirable photos. Some of the things they need to learn and know are: Learn about lighting in photography. There are aspects that should be considered when it comes to lighting. They are light intensity, color and wavelength. They determine the exposure that is attained. These characteristics should be made good use of in their right qualities and quantities so that a presentable exposure is attained. To attain these, there are basic camera settings that one has to do: 
Do aperture setting that is appropriate for either indoor or outdoor depending on place where the photo is just to be taken. One should choose a wide low numbered aperture for wide shooting and high numbered aperture for a narrow shooting. If this is not done correctly then blurred images are produced. ISO setting-the most appropriate ISO has to be chosen depending on whether one is to do indoor photography or outdoor photography. One should know which ISO level works best for which scene. Different types of cameras will work well with different ISO settings even if they are all in or outside of a building. It is therefore important for one to learn the ISO settings for their brand of camera. 
Shutter speed- one should know the shutter speed at which they will do shooting without producing blurred photos. In wedding photography, one has to hold the camera in a still position and avoid any movements that will interfere with the composition of the photos. In case one’s hands are not in a position to hold the camera in a still position, then they can opt to make use of tripod stands. When using tripod stands the photographer should have learned on how to use the stand so that they clip the camera well on the stand. Choice of a certain shutter speed should consider the size of zoom lens one is using.
Another tip that one has to know is the types of shots. Different shots are admirable for different sections of the wedding. For example, one can a long shot for a bride who is just approaching the wedding grounds. Aerial shots can be used during the exchange of vows. Other shots like close ups, extreme close up and medium shots should be used appropriately to produce nice photos. The photographer should be able to make good use of a large number of shots. The aspect of positioning the object on the photo is very important. An appropriate size of nose roof and head roof should be considered. One can make use of the rule of thirds so that the object in the photo is strategically positioned. The rule of third virtually draws vertical and horizontal lines that govern the positioning of the objects. The most recent cameras have these grids drawn on the screen where the photo is viewed just before shooting. The Original Source of the Important Techniques and Best tips of Wedding Photography. 

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