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While going through the countless days of morning sickness, hormonal imbalance, nipple pain and every other pain that pregnancy is sure to bless you with, you’re probably still glowing nonetheless, especially when you feel your baby kicking about in your belly. While pregnancy has quite a few downsides to it, it will never be something any mom-to-be will hate – contrarily, it certainly will always be a treasured memory in the hearts of all mothers.

But why be satisfied with just memories? We’re living in the digital era – every memory can be preserved as so many photos and videos, which can surely capture the precious moments of our lives much more vividly than simple remembrance can. And this also applies to pregnancy – it’s also one of those precious moments after all. Of course, I’m not referring to simple photos you or your partner would take of you and your pregnant belly; I’m referring to photos taken by a maternity photographer.

A professional maternity photographer is usually scheduled while you’re 32-36 weeks in your pregnancy. While the photographer will advise you on what’s best, you can count on him/her to follow along with your wishes, for their wish too is to give you a loving memory of your time as a mom-to-be.

Therefore, be it a traditional indoor photo-shoot or some outright bizarre outdoor photo-shoot (of course, you can also go for bizarre indoor photo-shoots), you can rest assured that he/she will try his/her best to recreate what you need. Some common ideas include:

  • Progression photos of your pregnancy – you’ll need several appointments for this one, maybe weekly for example. A great addition to this idea is to include a photo with your new-born baby at the end!
  • With your partner – this a very common one. Be it holding your belly, or kissing it, it is sure to create a loving memory of your family.
  • With the ultrasound of your baby – this is a relatively new idea, but it has become very popular, so if you’d like one, be sure to take along your ultrasound when going to the photo-shoot!
  • With belly art – another new idea, you can have your belly painted on with whatever design you’d like (for example, one which shows how your baby would be inside your uterus!).
  • With your older children – this is a great idea if you have older kids. You can recreate the feeling of your family gradually becoming larger.

The above are of course only general ideas – you can consult with your photographer and even search on the internet (and the many maternity magazines that are probably lying around your house) for even better ideas. Don’t forget that it’s your own pregnancy though, so don’t be afraid of going along with an entirely new idea of your own if you’d like. After all, what you and everyone wishes to accomplish is to commemorate your precious nine months!

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