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Planning a marriage ceremony on a budget can seem like a crazy idea to some because most people think that it is an impossible task. Planning a marriage ceremony on a budget is not hard or impossible, if it is done right and I can assure you that your big day will fly by without a hitch.

Do not be disheartened about having to plan your marriage ceremony on a budget because if planned and organized properly, your low cost marriage ceremony will be your dream ceremony. The key to a successful low cost celebration is all in the details, the details of the decorations, details of the organization and details of the outfits.

The details of the decorations

It is so easy to go out of your budget when buying decorations and deciding on a theme for your wedding but we have the perfect solution that will not require to spend even a cent on decorations. Since the internet and evolution of sites such as pintrest, DIY does have been rocking the world. A DIY is short for does it yourself and it is a method of creating something without any professional help from anyone.

What if I told you you’ll be able to have beautiful flower arrangements and decorations for your wedding at a very cheap price? You’ll probably be very surprised but it is true, you can do it.

The best way to go about making the decorations on your own is to, take your mission to the internet and rummage for a beautiful wedding idea and an easy DIY’s.

The best way to save up on venues is to have your wedding in your own backyard but if you’re going to pull this off, our backyard may need a little maintenance and landscaping months prior to the wedding.

The details of organization

The key to mastering the art of organization is to have a planner or a diary in which you jot down your expenses, your budget and all the tasks that needs completion. Organization may seem like a hard task but it is the easiest one because all you need to do is keep track of your expenses and the tasks that need to be completed. You can even get a wedding photobooth on bridal organizational tips at V.I.P Lane Photobooth through the internet or books.

The details of the outfits

One of the biggest expenses that would have to bear on your day would be the dress of the bride, dresses of the bridesmaids and the cost for their hairstyles and makeup.

If you want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on your hairstyle and makeup, your best bet is to ask someone else you can rely on to do it for you or if you’re familiar with makeup and hairstyles, you can even do them yourself. If not ask that one cousin of yours, who’s makeup and hair always look on point to be a part of your big day and help you out.

We have covered most of the aspects at an event like this however the  dress needs to be beautiful and add to the beauty of the bride. If you’re good with a sewing machine, I suggest you start designing your own dress but this can be very time consuming so start as soon as you get engaged but if you’re not gifted in that way, you can ask somebody close to you to do it for you for a fraction of the price.

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