Afrik/ November 13, 2018/ Photography

Do you agree with the fact that the big dull wedding albums are now so uncommon and old fashioned? Well, if you believe so and want to opt for a style that will make your wedding album stand out amongst others, then it is time you should opt for a candid wedding photographer. A candid wedding photographer captures the most

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How To Digitally Market Your Company

Afrik/ July 16, 2018/ Photography

Being an entrepreneur is an exciting prospect. Therefore that is why many individuals dream of starting their own company. But many don’t realize that beginning their own business is not as easy as it sounds. That is because once you create your company you need to find customers in order to be successful. Thus, the only way to do this

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Frame A Moment Of Joy And Keep It With You

Afrik/ April 20, 2018/ Photography

Spending time with your loved ones is the best times that you can treasure the most and lives up to in life. There will be many moments in life that you will have with your loved ones, and then you capture them in pictures so that you can look back at it and live the memory that you have passed

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How To Pick The Right Photographer For Your Baby?

Afrik/ March 6, 2018/ Photography

Today capturing the wonderful days of when your baby is just weeks old, has become a widely popular trend. And so, because of this, there are many persons specialized in providing and catering to such demands of interested clients. This has led to many persons working and studying on the art of capturing babies, while also making it a tough

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Don’t Lose This Lifetime Opportunity

Afrik/ January 3, 2018/ Photography

Photography is not an art, but more than that. An art is a piece of the exhibition while photography captures the time. It has the power to stop time for a fraction of a second on a piece of film. This piece of film is then printed and preserved for centuries to come. When one looks at them after centuries,

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Tips To Select The Right Photographer For The Newborn

Afrik/ December 21, 2017/ Photography

One of the hardest passions could be photography! It takes an immense dedication, hard work and years of expertise that can make someone best in this field. There are ample of photographers in your location, but from them, some are the renowned and have the ability to bring a picture to life. The most striking part of a photo shoot

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