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Everyone wants that perfect family picture which can be enlarged and set up on the walls. All integrated families must have at least one family photo every year. Not only does it give the members a chance to meet and greet each other when everyone is under one roof, it also helps in creating a stronger bond between family members. The first thing which needs to be taken into consideration, is to find a particular date, where all members of the family are free to take out time and assemble at a particular place. Once, the date is decided the next thing is to co-ordinate a photographer who can be at the present venue on time. The setting needs to be decided as well, as to what would be the background of the photograph, and that depends on the venue. In case you are planning the family photo to be taken at your family home, then an open space such as the portico would be nice. Parks, hotels, heritage sites, family mansions, etc., prove to be the ideal place for clicking group photos of the family. 

Hiring the right photographer

It takes a lot of effort to set up a date and place where everyone agrees to come for getting a picture clicked. But all that effort goes futile if the photographer does not have the experience and idea of clicking group photos. Find someone who specializes in the field; do make sure to have a look at their portfolio before hiring them. Also word of mouth is very important, ask people for feedback on the particular photographer. Family photography can get a little tricky, so hiring someone who has experience would be a good idea to be on the safe side. There are many photographers these days, which have their own websites, also there are companies, under which they work, so do your research before hiring someone.

Make sure everyone looks in sync

Try to make an effort so that everything looks well blended and nothing looks very stark or out of place. Choose a color scheme which is followed by all members. For example, if you choose a white and blue theme, then everyone will be expected to wear the same combination. Do inform everyone about the clothing ideas beforehand so that they can prepare their look for the picture. Also make sure that whatever color scheme you choose does not contrast the background, so that everything looks effortless and synchronized. Family photography does need some time and effort, but when the picture is framed and put on the walls, everything seems to be worth it.

Be natural

As much as you want the picture to be perfect, you do not want it to look artificial and made up. So ask everyone to lighten up, and for once, allow the kids to goof around. Natural pictures are often the best ones.

Take your time

Do not be in a haste and be done with the picture. Instead, take your time, get everything and everyone ready, do a little rehearsal shots and go in for the real deal.

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