How To Plan A Marriage Ceremony On A Budget

Afrik/ October 28, 2015/ Uncategorized

Planning a marriage ceremony on a budget can seem like a crazy idea to some because most people think that it is an impossible task. Planning a marriage ceremony on a budget is not hard or impossible, if it is done right and I can assure you that your big day will fly by without a hitch. Do not be

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Tips For Taking Beautiful Baby Pictures

Afrik/ July 15, 2015/ Photography

Babies are lovely and you the parent will just want to capture their every move. It is such wonder to watch every day as your baby blossoms. While you may have no problems taking impromptu pictures of your babies, when it comes to pictures that you think you may want to use as a portrait or keep for posterity, babies

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Wedding Photos: Going Back To That Moment Where Love Is Overflowing

Afrik/ July 7, 2015/ Photography

When all the cheers, laughter and tears are expressed, all the food and drinks are consumed, all the gifts are sent home, and all the wedding elements are packed and gone, what is left with the bride and groom are the memories brought about by the most special occasion in their lives. What better way to look back to this

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Extensive Collection Of Memories

Afrik/ June 29, 2015/ Photography

People can remember the moments but cannot remember the days that have passed. Moments can be changed and can have good and bad moments that can come in anyone’s life. But memories are never changeable. They are stored permanently in the brains totally and the partial remembrances can help to recollect them. There are certain things like photographs, videos and

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Quality Photographs Can Be Seen On A Well Made Portfolio

Afrik/ May 27, 2015/ Uncategorized

A wedding can be very stressful even with a wedding planner, so it is best you let yourself on the best hands! The best hands of professionals and leave your worries behind and focus on yourself. Try to enjoy the magic moment before your wedding, it will never come back and it’ll be a shame to lose it with the

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Hire Experienced Photographer Who Captures The Essence Of Being Pregnant

Afrik/ May 19, 2015/ Uncategorized

Pregnancy is an important phase for every couple and many couples wants to capture those perfect moments in personal album to cherish them for years to come. Getting your belly photographed is very different from getting wedding, portrait, or a family picture. You need to select an expert photographer for this job because an expert has the expertise and tools

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