Tips To Select The Right Photographer For The Newborn

Afrik/ December 21, 2017/ Photography

One of the hardest passions could be photography! It takes an immense dedication, hard work and years of expertise that can make someone best in this field. There are ample of photographers in your location, but from them, some are the renowned and have the ability to bring a picture to life. The most striking part of a photo shoot

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How To Train Employees Effectively

Afrik/ November 6, 2017/ Photography

No matter the company or its success or recognition, every company has to undergo a period where they are required to train their new recruits or even offer training to their current employees so they can improve their performance or learn a new set of skills which would ultimately help them to improve their performance. However, even though training has

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Wedding Blues Getting On Your Nerves?

Afrik/ October 8, 2017/ Photography

After the big engagement and promises made, come the planning of the big day. No doubt for many couples out there it can be a tad daunting, planning a wedding. But look no further, here comes a guide a save you from missing out on any key item. Budget – this is the 1st on the list, if you have

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Tips For A Cost-Effective Matrimony

Afrik/ June 29, 2017/ Photography

A wedding is definitely going to put some strain on your pocket, particularly if you fail to follow your plans and go overboard with preparations. What this means is that you will probably have to face the consequences of your overspending for a few months or even years after the wedding is actually over, which is really something you should

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A Way To Never Forget Your Magical Pregnancy

Afrik/ June 7, 2016/ Photography Services

While going through the countless days of morning sickness, hormonal imbalance, nipple pain and every other pain that pregnancy is sure to bless you with, you’re probably still glowing nonetheless, especially when you feel your baby kicking about in your belly. While pregnancy has quite a few downsides to it, it will never be something any mom-to-be will hate –

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